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Cristina Kirchner


Cristina Kirchner BIO

Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner  ( La Plata , February 19, 1953) is a political and lawyer  Argentina . She was president of the Argentine Nation from December 10, 2007 to December 9, 2015, being the only one of the Argentine presidents who completed eight years, with the continued mandate longer after Carlos Menem and Juan Domingo Perón .

She is currently a national senator for the province of Buenos Aires with a 2017-2023 mandate,  elected through the Unidad Ciudadana front , and integrates the Front for Victory block in the upper chamber, chaired by Neuquén senator Marcelo Jorge Fuentes .

He completed his law studies at the National University of La Plata ,  where he met Nestor Kirchner in 1974, who was his companion of militancy and since 1975 her husband. The following year they moved to Río Gallegos where they founded the Kirchner Law Firm. The couple had two children: Máximo (1977), and Florencia (1990).

While practicing their profession, they founded in 1981 the Athenaeum Juan Domingo Perón, one of the several Peronist movements of the province. His first elective position was obtained in 1989 as provincial deputy of Santa Cruz . In 1995, Cristina Fernández was elected national senator for the same province, while Néstor Kirchner was governor. In this period, although he belonged to the ruling party, he opposed several projects of Carlos Menem’s government , including the project presented during the litigation of the Southern Patagonian ice field , the privatization of Aerolineas Argentinas , the Federal Pact for employment , production and growth,  Labor Reform andthe Hydrocarbons Law [ citation needed ] . In addition, he requested the resignation of then Defense Minister Oscar Camilión , involved in the scandal over the sale of arms to Ecuador and Croatia .

She remained in office until December 3, 1997 when, already elected as a national deputy for the province of Santa Cruz, she resigned due to her differences with the PJ bloc , and on the 10th assumed her new position. The following year, her differences with the national government meant that she was disenfranchised from the commissions she made up. He returned to the Senate in 2001 and assumed the presidency of the Committee on Constitutional Affairs. Some subjects on which it was occupied were the modification of the laws that dealt with the conformation of the Council of the Magistracy and the Supreme Court . He also researched the burning of ballot boxes in 2003 in the province of Catamarca .

She remained in office until 2005, where she was also elected national senator but for the province of Buenos Aires , a position she held until assuming the first magistracy since 2007. Cristina Kirchner was the first Argentine woman elected to the position of president and the second to exercise it. .

Among the main measures of the government of Cristina Fernandez are the Universal Allocation for Child , the re-nationalization of pension funds , the Connect Equality program , the increase in the budget for science and research, the Law on Audiovisual Communication Services , the Law on egalitarian marriage , the reestatization of the company Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales (YPF) , the reform of the Central Bank and the sanction of the Civil and Commercial Code , among others.

During his first government, he faced an agricultural and livestock strike accompanied by a blockade of routes that lasted 129 days and sustained a protracted conflict with Grupo Clarín .

In the presidential elections of 2011 he obtained 54.11% of the votes, thus accessing a second term. In that election, Cristina Fernández achieved the highest percentage reached in a presidential election since 1983, being also in percentage terms the fourth largest result of the electoral history of Argentina after that of Hipólito Yrigoyen in 1928, and those of Juan Domingo Perón in 1951 and 1973. It also obtained a difference of 37.3% with respect to the second list, the second largest in Argentine history .

Cristina Kirchner

By the end of her term in 2015, Forbes magazine listed her as one of the “100 Most Powerful Women in the World.”

In 2017 she presented her new electoral coalition, Unidad Ciudadana , with which she seeks to renew the Kirchnerism , and was elected national senator by the minority under this new coalition.


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